Sunday, November 29, 2009

¿Dónde están las mujeres. . .?

My initial enigmatic answer to this question of "where are the women?" is: in the back of the magazine wearing skimpy dresses.

The magazine that I am referring to is this week's La Nación Revista, put out by the newspaper where I am currently getting my masters in journalism. It is the more conservative of the two popular newspapers and considered highbrow compared to the more popular daily, Clarín.

The cover of this week's LNR is 12 white men all holding their hand to their chins in a Auguste Rodin's "The Thinker" pose with an headline saying "The power of good ideas: the most creative Argentines reflecting about their politics, their consumption, their competition and the ethics of their pitches to "sell" a country brand"

It surprises me that the 12 most creative Argentines are ALL white men. It could be true, that of the top 100 creative people in Argentina, the first 12 are men, but I highly doubt it. The article, written by two women, Any Ventura and Mercedes Funes, is proceeded by an article about how Megan Fox is the newest provocateur, much like her fellow actress Angelina Jolie.

Being a journalist, I have very present the idea of balance in a story and being an American, I have very present the idea of diversity; this front page feature story breaches the two fundamental levels of who I am.

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