Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Máster en Periodismo en La Nación/Universidad Torcuato di Tella

Monday, April 13th marked the beginning of my Mastér en Periodismo (Journalism Master) at the most well-known paper in Argentina, La Nación.  Every morning, our profesores exigentes (demanding professors) insist that we arrive at 9a.m. to read the newspaper before class starts, and class starts at 9:30a.m. on the dot, which for the normal Argentine timetable is an impressive requirement.  This blog PeriodiSTINGL will follow the only non-native Spanish speaker (me) throughout a year-long persuit to improve my professional Castellano (what Argentine people call Spanish), become a better journalist, and as the director of the program Carlos Reymundo Roberts said today, become bien informada (very informed).  Although he recited the six most essential aspects of journalism today, his entire first lecture surrounded the aspect he considers the key to being a good journalist: tener mucha información (to have a lot of information).  This means readings a lot of newspapers and magazines as well as having contacts who can give you good information.

A privilege that I now boast is having access to La Nación headquarters located on Bouchard Street in Puerto Madero. . .Here is my badge to prove it: 

What most worries me, both before coming and now, is that my Spanish will not hold up against all of my 25 classmates who have as many as 30 years language practice more than I do, but time will test if this is a legitimate fear.