Thursday, January 29, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

¡Feliz Navidad, Elise!

When my dad hears Spanish, he has a tendency to just think of whatever word it sounds like in English and go with that.  So to him "Buenas Noches" is actually "Buenos Snowshoes."  

However, my favorite example of this is with my friend Elise Heitkamp who when she was young thought that the Puerto Rican José Feliciano rendition of the song "Feliz Navidad" was actually  singing about her and her parents saying "Elise, Mom and Dad."  

. . . She did, however, point out, that it was unfair that she had a song and that her sibling didn't.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's easy to get a radio show in Madison. . . just go to the training!

WSUM is looking for people who are interested in becoming part of our radio station experience. We are particularly interested in freshmen and sophomores, however all students are invited to train.

WSUM is the student radio station at UW-Madison, operating at 91.7 FM and licensed to the University of Wisconsin. The station manager and all staff aside from the general manager and technical director are students.

Here are the preliminary requirements to becoming a WSUM DJ:

1. Write a concise but illuminating statement of interest (why I want to be a part of WSUM). Generally, let us know if you are more interested in a talk show or a music show. Please avoid "both" as an answer, as it effects how we train you. Send your statement

2. In that email, include your availability during evening hours Sunday-Thursday. Please be as flexible as you can be in setting your availability schedule.

3. Come to the station at 8, 8:30 , 9 , or 9:30 any weeknight between January 20th and Febuary 8th for a tour. Ask for the Traffic Director. Tours are given on the half-hour. Make sure the traffic director gets you name. Hope to meet you soon!

Our seventh anniversary of over-the-air broadcast is February 22nd.  We have already become one of the best free-form stations in the state, if not the country. Our goal is to be an alternative to commercial radio stations in Madison, so we are looking for DJs who are excited about playing underrepresented music and talk show hosts that want to inform the Madison community on pertinent issues. With your time and commitment, we can continue to maintain our position as one of the best free-format radio stations in the U.S.

In the Spring of 2009, we have 60 slots open for trainees. To be assured one of these slots, you MUST read and follow the requirements.

The following information was taken from the WSUM Web site and was NOT written by me.

The Fez Hour

Perdido en el Siglo

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Fez Hour: Student Radio in Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

I am starting a new radio show on WSUM 91.7FM Student Radio this semester called "The fez hour: international talk with Carly." The show is on Wednesdays from noon-1pm and is right before my Spanish music show, "Perdido en el Siglo"(1-2pm) The basic format for the show is I want 2-3 people from a specific country to come on and talk about their county including, but not limited to, the government, holidays, the culture, the food, the music, the perceptions of the U.S., how the perceptions of the U.S. changed after you got her, opinion of Madison, news, conflicts, history, etc. Each show I will ask each person to bring their favorite song from their country to share on air, keeping in mind that it is only an hour show. 

This is an opportunity for international students to have an experience on the radio, talking from their expertise of being an foreign student studying or living in the U.S., to practice your english and to share a little bit with the entire Madison community. Also, your friends and family can listen online. And. . it will be really fun!

Thus, please facebook message me (Carly is Carly) or email me ( with your interest AND please tell your international friends. I want to represent a new country every week. The first show will be on January 21st at noon and every subsequent Wednesday following.

Anyone with the internet in any country can listen at WSUM.ORG
Noon-1pm: "The fez hour": International Talk with Carly
1pm-2pm: "Perdido en el Siglo": Spanish music show with Carlita